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07 Jul 15:07News / Bitcoin News

3M, together with Microsoft and JPMorgan, will transfer customer interaction to the blockchain

3M international research company announced the launch of a digitalization initiative for the loyalty program and plans to transfer customer interaction to the blockchain. This is reported in the press release of the company.

The 3M project will be implemented on the basis of the Verisium solution, which uses the Quorum blockchain platform from JPMorgan and the Microsoft architectural services complex.

As part of the initiative, a number of 3M products for the auto repair business will be equipped with NFC tags and QR codes, scanning which customers can receive unique multimedia content, as well as participate in the 3M loyalty program based on a specially developed 3M-Auto mobile application.

The Verisium platform will provide authentication of each product represented in the system, while the distributed registry technology in the Microsoft Azure cloud will ensure safe storage and protection against data falsification.

“We are proud that users and platforms create enterprise level solutions on the blockchain using Quorum. Corporate users, such as Verisium, DataArt, 3M and our partner Microsoft, create a living ecosystem that we hope to maintain, develop and promote, ”said Oliver Harris, head of the Quorum working group.

It is expected that the system based on the blockchain solution Verisium in the Microsoft Azure cloud will allow 3M to stimulate customer activity, thereby increasing the number of products registered in the loyalty program by more than 2 times.

“This is one of the first real commercial projects of this scale that use the cloud and blockchain to create a completely new business model of communication with its customers. Its uniqueness is also in the fact that so many companies from the global partner ecosystem of Microsoft took part in its implementation, ”said Konstantin Goldstein, leading expert on Microsoft strategic technologies in Russia.

Recall that in May Microsoft added support for the blockchain Quorum to the Azure cloud service, and later the corporation, together with JPMorgan, upgraded the blockchain platform.
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