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24 Jun 10:46News / Bitcoin News

Lightning Labs introduced a mobile wallet.

Lightning Labs, a leading developer of solutions for the Lightning Network, introduced its first mobile application for Android and iOS (Testflight). In just one day, more than two thousand users downloaded it.

The Lightning App is a non-custodial wallet with which users can make instant payments in an amount not exceeding one-sixth of a bitcoin (over $ 1,500).

The service has a feature called Autopilot, which is based on Lightning Labs' own cluster with three full nodes. Using the nodes of a startup, users cannot receive more funds than they sent.

Note that if desired, users can manually open their own payment channels and connect to their own node.

The plans of the project team to reduce the dependence of products from Lightning Labs. This is likely to happen when the support for the Neutrino protocol appears in the Bitcoin Core client, which will allow the application to connect to external nodes so as not to overload the mobile device.

In addition, further Lightning Labs will launch a monetized service for merchants.

“Our wallet is not castodial, we don’t store user funds, but it’s a paid service, because we have to provide liquidity ... I like the comparison with Amazon Web Services, because the latter allows other start-ups to focus on their business logic and takes on the provision of infrastructure”, - declared the developer of Lightning Labs Tancred Hayes.

The Lightning App is now available on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux.

Recall that last year Lightning Labs introduced a new version of the LND desktop wallet for the Bitcoin network, and in April this year they launched a desktop wallet in the main Bitcoin network.
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