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07 Jul 15:10Bitcoin News

Grant Thornton launches Cryptopia Bitcoin exchange assessment

With the liquidation of Cryptopia, Grant Thornton has announced the beginning of a process to assess the losses of clients of a hacked stock exchange.

The site Grant Thornton says that the company managed to get a database with information about customer assets from a data center in the US Phoenix. Now she is in the process of comparing this data with the funds remaining under control of Cryptopia.

“This is not an easy task, the exchange was used by hundreds and thousands of people who could store many cryptoactive assets,” the company representatives say.

In addition, Grant Thornton works with lawyers to resolve the issue of returning the remaining assets to their owners.

Cryptopia reported "serious losses" as a result of hacking in January. According to some reports, the damage from a hacker attack on the stock exchange could be about $ 16 million.

After some time, Cryptopia attempted to resume work, but in May launched the liquidation process.

Recall that in May, Grant Thornton reported that the refund process will take at least several months.
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