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24 Jun 10:31Altcoin News

Ethereum developers have approved two code changes for hardfork Istanbul

As reported by CoinDesk, two proposals for improving Ethereum (EIP) have been approved for inclusion in the next large-scale update of the second most capitalized cryptocurrency.

EIP 2024 and EIP 1702 - officially approved code changes for the expected in October hard forks Istanbul. During yesterday’s conference call, the developers approved only two of the code changes from about 30 EIPs under consideration.

So, the EIP 2024 proposal (in some documents - EIP 131) adds a new precompiler to the Ethereum virtual machine, designed to optimize the work of the blockchain and make operations less expensive. In particular, EIP 2024 represents the precompiler for the new hash function Blake2, which verifies the data in the blockchain faster than SHA-3, for example. Various variations of Blake2 are used by some projects, including Zcash and the domain name Handshake platform.

"Blake2B means that we could interact with Zcash through the main Ethereum network," said James Hancock, developer and co-author of EIP 2024.

EIP 1702, in turn, aims to optimize the renewal of smart contracts. The author of the offer is Parity Technologies developer Wei Tan.

Also, this proposal involves the introduction of a new methodology for hard forks - “account versioning”, which simplifies the process of updating or launching a new virtual machine.

"By allowing the use of versioned accounts, we will be able to run various virtual machines for contracts created at different times," said Tan.

Recall the start of the transition process to Ethereum 2.0 is expected in January 2020.
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